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Ultra/Marathoner & Run Coach


I am a runner, coach, thinker, and community builder. Whether you are a current or future athlete or simply passing through, my hope is you will find inspiration, guidance, laughter, and support in this space. I am originally from the East Coast but am currently living and training in Phoenix, Arizona. I coach local and remote runners from road 5ks to trail ultra-marathons.

Work With Me

Hiring a running coach is a huge decision that can offer several advantages for your running journey. Key benefits include:

  • Personalized training plans based on your fitness level and goals
  • Injury prevention through a monitored training program
  • Guidance, accountability, and motivation to stay on track
  • Skill improvement for runners at all levels
  • Regular feedback for plan adjustments
  • Assistance in setting realistic goals
  • Race strategy development
  • Training adaptation to life changes